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 Aspirin (low dose) & TTC

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Aspirin (low dose) & TTC _
PostSubject: Aspirin (low dose) & TTC   Aspirin (low dose) & TTC Icon_minitimeSeptember 5th 2010, 7:01 am


What it does:

* Aspirin has a positive affect on the body’s immune system and the associated antibodies which may interfere with the embryo’s ability to attach to the lining of the uterus.
* Baby aspirin may help improve blood supply to various organs. This might help to:
-- improve the quality or number of eggs produced by the ovaries
-- improve the lining of the uterus
-- and/or help keep the blood vessels of the placenta open.
* Baby aspirin may also decrease the chances of a m/c when taken in early pregnancy
* Baby aspirin may also prevent dangerous blood clots from forming within the growing embryo, thus preventing complications as well as preventing the cut-off of oxygen from the growing baby.

Dosage/ Instructions:

- Take one baby aspirin per day. This may say “low-dose” or “baby” aspirin on the label and should contain between 78-82mg of aspirin per tablet.
- Do not take a full dose aspirin or a nonsteroidal medication such as Ibuprofen instead.
- More is not better. Taking more than one baby aspirin a day may decrease your fertility and be dangerous to your health.

People who have the following should not take Baby Aspirin:

* Significant bronchospasm or rhinitis
* Nasal polyps
* Asthma
* Allergic skin reactions
* Bleeding disorders
* Allergies
* Sensitivity to aspirin or Ibuprofen
* G6PD

Additional Info :

* Your blood may be slightly thinner. We suggest that you keep pressure on your blood draw sites for longer than you usually would.
* Low dose aspirin is safe in early pregnancy. Your doctor will tell you when to stop the aspirin. We suggest that you do not continue taking aspirin after the first trimester unless you are taking it for medical reasons.
* Please limit your alcohol intake while taking aspirin. It may cause problems with your stomach and intestine.
* If you get an upset stomach or have concerns about ulcers, coated baby aspirin is available and should be as effective.
* While you are on the baby aspirin, we suggest that you limit the following: curry powder, gherkins, licorice, paprika, prunes, raisins, tea and significant use of non-absorbable antacids such as Maalox or Rolaids
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Aspirin (low dose) & TTC

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