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 Soy Isoflavones!

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Love & Faith
Love & Faith

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Soy Isoflavones! _
PostSubject: Soy Isoflavones!   Soy Isoflavones! Icon_minitimeSeptember 6th 2010, 12:16 am

"Soy Isoflavones" is a natural plant derived phytoestrogen (phyto means plant), which is an anti-estrogen, just like Clomid. Both are known as SERMs (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators). It works by fooling your brain into thinking its estrogen levels are low. This causes your body to reslease more FSH & LH which helps stimulate follicle production (same as Clomid). You take Soy Isoflavones, like Clomid, on CD 1-5 or 2-6, or 3-7 or 5-9. It is not thought to cause infertility if it is only taken for 5 days a month. There is not much published information available on it regarding TTC, because it is "natural", not patented by the pharmaceutical companies, and not FDA approved. Most doctors will also not recommend it for this reason.

Recently, many women on have been taking 150-160mg a day for 5 days at the beginning of the menstrual cycle (on days previously mentioned). Side effects reported are similar to Clomid. These vary from increased number of headaches to hot flashes. It has been suggested that taking the dosage before bedtime lessens the side effects.You can buy a bottle of Soy Isoflavones at any health food store or even Wal-mart. At Wal-mart, it costs under $7 USD for one bottle. Pretty affordable, huh?

I am not personally recommending that anyone try Soy Isoflavones. Please, please consult your doctor before trying Soy Isoflavones. Research it for yourself and make an educated informed decision.

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Love & Faith
Love & Faith

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Soy Isoflavones! _
PostSubject: Re: Soy Isoflavones!   Soy Isoflavones! Icon_minitimeSeptember 6th 2010, 3:35 am

What are soy isoflavones?

Soy isoflavones are natural substances obtained from soy plants. It is thought that soy isoflavones work similar to clomid, as the soy isoflavones weakly bind to estrogen receptors increasing estrogen in a woman's body, thus increasing her chances of ovulating.

How are soy isoflavones taken?

In order for soy isoflavones to work like clomid, they should be taken in a similar manner to clomid, beginning somewhere between day 1 and day 5 of her cycle, and continued for five consecutive days. For example, a woman may take clomid for days 1-5, days 2-6, days 3-7, days 4-8 or days 5-9.

What are the side affects of soy isoflavones?

Side affects of soy isoflavones include upset stomach, diarrhea, and headache.

What are the chances of conceiving twins on soy isoflavones?

There is limited data available for the use of soy isoflavones to treat fertility, however it does look somewhat promising. The chances of conceiving twins may not be as high as the chances of conceiving twins on clomid, however, they are higher than what they would be otherwise.

Is there anything else I should know about soy isoflavones?

Soy isoflavones should be avoided, or discussed with a doctor beforehand, if any of the following conditions are present; breast cance, hepatic disease, prostate cancer, kidney disease, taking hormone treatments, thyroid disease, allergies to soy, peanuts or other legumes.

Soy isoflavones should not be taken while breastfeeding or pregnant.

Soy isoflavones may interact with the following medications; androstenedione, antibiotics, clomiphene, DHEA, contraceptives and other female hormones, finasteride, raloxifene, red clover, tamoxifen, testosterone and other male hormones, thyroid hormones, and toremifene.
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Love & Faith
Love & Faith

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Soy Isoflavones! _
PostSubject: Re: Soy Isoflavones!   Soy Isoflavones! Icon_minitimeSeptember 6th 2010, 4:28 am

-If you do not have issues ovulating, SI can make your cycles a *lot* longer. There have been ladies who have had 80+ day cycles when they normally had a 27 day cycle. Some women do NOT ovulate at all on SI, especially if they do not have issues with it in the first place.

-Do NOT take SI longer than 5 CDs. This can actually have the opposite effect and increase your fertility problems.

-If you have PCOS, be aware that this can make your cysts worse. If you do not have a history of cysts, this can make you develop cysts as well.

-Recommendations are to take SI at night before bed. This lessens the impact of the side effects. I got the all too lovely hot flashes and headaches.

Taking SI:

You can take SI on the same CDs as you would with Clomid.. You can start on CD 1-5. You take them on the following schedule: CD1-5. CD2-6, CD3-7, CD4-8 or CD5-9. The earlier you take them, you supposedly will create MORE follicles. The later, the more mature the follicle you get is.
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Soy Isoflavones! _
PostSubject: Re: Soy Isoflavones!   Soy Isoflavones! Icon_minitime

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Soy Isoflavones!

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